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Fully funded, AN AMERICAN TREASURE campaign will significantly invest in the most important hallmarks of Ocean Grove. Not only will the campaign preserve the rich heritage of our past, it will advance our mission into the future.


Many have come before us who dared greatly and gave their time, talent and treasure to lay a foundation for Ocean Grove that has withstood natural disasters, economic hardship and cultural change. To answer the question – what will it take for An American Treasure campaign to be successful – it boils down to one thing – giving greatly.


It will take all of us working towards a common goal . . . to Enhance, Extend and Expand this American Treasure we adore. We need your help to ensure that your children and grandchildren will be able to enjoy Ocean Grove for generations to come.


Please contact a member of the Development Department at OGCMA fo to discuss your gift at 732-775-0035 or email us at AmericanTreasure@oceangrove.org

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THE OCEAN GROVE PIER has been an iconic beach front landmark of the OGCMA since 1889. A completed pier will provide a publicly-accessible attraction for all to enjoy. Rebuilding the current pier that is an unsightly blemish on our beach will provide new opportunities for our community and future programs.

Repairing beachfront buildings with necessary upgrades also accomplishes this purpose.


THE GREAT AUDITORIUM is the grand facility of the Camp Meeting. The north side of the tower is in disrepair that today water leaks into the Auditorium and threatens the organ and pipes,

BISHOP JANES TABERNACLE, the OGCMA’s oldest, continual-use ministry building has suffered progressive damage to its weather-beaten clerestory roof which requires considerable restoration. Throughout its long service, this round-house structure became known as the engine room of the Camp Meeting. Its roof integrity is essential.


YEAR ROUND PROGRAMING, as we look to the next 150 years we realize that we must adapt our ministry model to ensure sustainability. The costs of maintaining our historic facilities and summer programing continue to rise. Contributions from traditional seasonal programming alone are challenged to keep pace. Proceeds of this campaign will expand our programming to reach more people and realize increased contributions from longer ministry seasons. Ocean Grove has so much to offer that we want to extend programming year-round.

STATE OF THE ART SOUND SYSTEM is critical so worship, music and entertainment programs can be heard clearly and enjoyed by all. The current antiquated equipment, installed over a decade ago, has required an ongoing need for expensive seasonal audio rentals.

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