As a student of history I notice we tend to paint our leaders in a bold light, with a fine tipped brush to show their strength, on a big canvas so they appear larger than life and with almost super human qualities.  They show up on the scene just in the nick of time to save the day or say just the right things to inspire greatness.

Decisions made by leaders are how we measure their commitment, how we know their passions and how we judge their bravery to go before us.  Whether it’s a single leader or a group of leaders change, growth and commitment falls squarely on the shoulders of the leaders.

I can say honestly I have never been more proud to be on a non-profit board than I was on April 13th 2019.  In February, I challenged my fellow Trustees to collectively support An American Treasure campaign by giving the first 20% of the $1.5 million total  ($300,000).  I asked them to dare greatly, to come out of their seats and climb into the arena with me.

The Board of Trustees were first asked to pray for the campaign and then to allow God to lead them when deciding what their gift would be.  At the April board meeting the commitment cards were passed out in faith that God had spoken clearly to each of us.  The tension was actually palpable as the amount was totaled and we waited to see God at work. At one point I am pretty sure Dale Whilden was actually holding his breath.  I watched as the servant leaders of OGCMA not only accepted the giving challenge of the American Treasure campaign, but they exceeded it.

We stood shoulder to shoulder that day to demonstrate our commitment to the future of Ocean Grove. As a board we committed to 22% of the total goal. God does not ask us to all give equally, but He does ask us all for equal sacrifice.  History will judge these leaders as ones who prayed greatly, gave greatly and dared greatly.  This is what leadership looks like from the floor of the arena.

Catherine Harrison
American Treasure Campaign Chairman