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Your family is invited!

We are inviting every family to be a part of this historic summer by attending the celebration events during July and August and taking part in the American Treasure campaign. Whether you live in Ocean Grove all year, are just here for the summer, on vacation for a week or just for the day, you can create lasting memories by taking part in the Family Photo Treasure Hunt by exploring the historic buildings, iconic landmarks and learn more about Ocean Grove . . .our AMERICAN TREASURE!


Register between July 1 – 31st

The treasure hunt begins July 1 and ends on July 31. Complete the list of 20 photo challenges listed below (Add a link here) during the month of July. Families who complete all of the tasks will be entered into a drawing to win great prizes.

Note: Some photo challenges are event-oriented. If you won’t be in Ocean Grove for an event, have fun recreating it the best you can for the picture!


Sounds Fun! How do we register? 

It’s so simple! Follow these steps:


Step 1)  Text: Join @OGTreasure to 810-10.


Step 2)  Reply to the prompt with your last name.


Step 3)  Start taking pictures from the challenge list.


Step 4)  Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see featured photos!  As you complete the tasks and take photos, text them in the same thread to keep track!



Children under 18 years of age must be registered by their parent or legal guardian. Upon registering for the Family Photo Treasure Hunt, you are granting Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association the right to use all photographs you share in publications, news releases, online, including social media and in other communications related to the American Treasure campaign and Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association.

  • Posing like Rev. Stokes by the Stokes statue.
  • Sitting in a seat in the Great Auditorium
  • In the gazebo at Beersheeba Well
  • In the Boardwalk Pavilion facing the ocean
  • Pretending to fish off the Ocean Grove Pier
  • On a lifeguard bench with at least 1 lifeguard
  • At the 150th Victorian Day Celebration
  • Inside of a tent with the tenter
  • Playing hopscotch on the sidewalk in front of the Youth Temple
  • Enjoying ice cream at Days in OG
  • Posing like a fountain by the fountain in Founder’s Park
  • Playing tennis or the shuffleboard in Ocean Grove.
  • With a Youth Ministry team member in front of Thornley Chapel
  • At the 150th TOGETHER Community Day
  • Having a family meal in Ocean Grove
  • Linking arms at the Main Avenue gate stretching from one side to the other (watch for traffic)
  • On Ocean Pathway headed to the beach showing your OG beach badges
  • Attending one of the July events found at or the 2019 Program Book
  • With everyone’s head peeking out of the door at the Bishop Janes Tabernacle
  • On a bench in ANY park in Ocean Grove


Download Family Treasure Hunt flyer here.


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