The minute I drive through the gates of Ocean Grove I roll the windows down to smell the ocean air; I open the sunroof to feel the warmth of the sun and I turn up the music. The feeling of coming home washes over me like the waves on the shore and the sight of Ocean Pathway chases away the last of the winter blues.  Summer is on!

The Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association is in celebration mode this summer season.  Incorporated 150 years ago by a group of Methodist ministers this one square mile has become a year-round community that hosts an explosion of summer residents as soon as the tents unfurl and the sun warms the air.  This summer not only kicks off the 150th Anniversary Celebration but OGCMA is launching a capital campaign, “An American Treasure,” aimed at keeping Ocean Grove going strong for another 150 years.

The name for this campaign could not be more fitting for a place that is both unique and disarmingly quaint. Ask anyone who has fallen in love with God’s Square Mile and they will tell you…there is no place like it on earth.  Everything about it makes Ocean Grove “An American Treasure”. 

I wonder if Rev. Elwood Stokes and Rev. William Osborn ever imagined that 150 years later this vibrant community would still be fulfilling its original spiritual mission along with being a popular destination for a diverse group of people.

The people who love this place and believe in the ministry have a long history of “putting their treasure where their heart is”(paraphrase Matt 6:21) I invite you to join the anniversary fun and to pray about how you can take part in  Ocean Grove’s future through the American Treasure Campaign.

Catherine Harrison
American Treasure Campaign Chairman